Continued Gratitude (D7)

1) the ‘pick up where we left off’ friends - thanks for a lovely catch up Isabella

2) our little bundle kicking, turning and moving for hours at night. Feels like a bubbling brook.

3) guided meditations that are mind blowing, insightful and relaxing

Continuing gratitude - (Day 6)

1) an amazing coach, I got a bit teary when thanking her for helping me become who I am now and all we have done in the past few years has lead to preparing for this addition to our family. Thank you Kim. Xoxox ❤️

2) a partner who’s a great cook and shares the kitchen experience. We are our own masterchef experience… Thank you Phillip. Xoxox ❤️

3) the fortunate life I live daily. Watched samsara (movie) and it was an insight into how so many others live around the world. I’m so very blessed and have so very little I could truly want for. ☺️

Making vegetarian sushi at 5:45 in the morning in addition to the smoothy… Feeling accomplished this morning!!

Day 5 positive challenge

1) a wonderful day with my greatest love - 6+ hour drive back home
2) tasty food and sharing meals (mmm even pimba does okay!)
3) glass jars - yep I’m a kitchen OCDer for all my lil cooking ingredients

Day 4 positive challenge

1) experiencing beautiful gardens (zen and botanic)
2) smoothies in the morning for everyone - haven’t peeled so much fruit in ages
3) grocery shopping late at night when the shelves are stocked and the rest of the customers are only a few

Day 3 Positive challenge

1) a wonderful future sister in law. Thank you for the pram/stroller
2) a caring and patient future father of my child - thank you for the baby shopping outting and openness in sharing ideas
3) making real connections instead of ‘screen time’…

Day 2 positivity challenge

1) learning my threshold of ‘being annoyed’ around kids
2) delicious Asian food
3) sleep ins

Positive challenge day 1
(Yesterday reviewed)

1) a truly beautiful morning watching the sunrise on our 6 hour drive to Adelaide
2) being healthier than before I was a pregnant - glucose tests etc - thanks doc
3) a wonderful fiancé who looks after me on so many levels xxx

Ouch!! Cringe worthy hilarity!!

Bored Panda